Pioneer Midwest American Birkebeiner Race Wax Service

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Pioneer Midwest will be offering Birkie Race waxing service again for 2021. Leave your waxing kit at home and forget about the nervous worrying over snow conditions. We will spend hours on snow testing to carefully select each layer of wax so you can have the fastest skis on course. Last season we had more skiers move up to the elite wave than ever before. 

This year the instore dropoff deadline is by 4pm on Sunday, February 21st in-store. We will be able to do all prep work Monday at the shop and skis will be transported the up to Cable on Tuesday. This will allow us to do testing of all race waxes and application on site to ensure the fastest skis!

Again this year, pick up will be at the Birkie start line under the Pioneer Midwest tent. We will also be testing various kick wax options and giving recommendations as well as selling kick products for you to apply. Note-We will not be applying kick wax race morning, but will have both top coat and kickwax for sale.

We are offering several Waxing Services:

  • Race Waxing for 1 Pair of Skate Skis - $80 (Instore)
  • Race Waxing for 1 Pair of Classic Skis - $90 (Instore)
  • Race Waxing for 1 Pair of Skate Skis - $100 (Onsite)
  • Race Waxing for 1 Pair of  Classic Skis - $110 (Onsite)

*** Ski Drop Off Details ***

- When dropping skis off either instore or onsite, it is important to have them scraped and devoid of any kick wax. If they are classic skis, kick zones need to be clearly marked. We will provide labels to help identify your skis.

- Instore dropoff deadline is 4:00pm Sunday February 21st. Skis will need to either be handed off in person or sent to the store before that date to ensure they will make the trip up to Cable. There is an extra fee associated with onsite dropoff so it is highly recommended to utilize the instore dropoff option.

- Onsite dropoff will be open from 4:00-8:00pm on Tuesday - Saturday at the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival building in Cable (13460 Spruce St, Cable, WI 54821).

*** Pick Up Details ***

Race day pickup will be available at the start line. We will have a tent just North East of the Great Hall. You will only be able to pick up your skis on the day that you are racing. The pick-up area will be open at 7:00am on Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday for the skate races and 6:30am on Friday/Sunday for the classic races.

We will have wax benches set up outside of the tent for skiers to apply their kick wax for the race. With the testing that we do through the week, we will have recommendations and kick wax for sale if anyone needs any last minute changes.  


Wax Recommendation


Thursday - Skate

Air Temp: 8am: 20° 10am: 24° 12pm: 29°

Base: Rex G21 Graphite

Mid: Rex RG22 or Swix Pro HS6

Top: Start RG Ultra Gel Finisher Blue 


Friday - Classic

Air Temp: 8am: 23° 10am: 29° 12pm: 35°

Base: Rex G41

Mid: Start RG Ultra Blue or Swix Pro Marathon

Top: Start RG Ultra Gel Finisher Purple

Kick: Rex N11 with a light cover of Rex N21 or Swix Skin care for your skins!


Saturday - Skate

Air Temp: 8am: 28° 10am: 32° 12pm: 36°

Base: Rex G41

Mid: Rex RG12 or Swix Pro Marathon

Top: Start RG Ultra Gel Finisher Purple or N-Kinetic Warm


Sunday - Classic

Air Temp: 8am: 13° 10am: 17° 12pm: 21°

Base: Rex G41

Mid: Swix Pro HS5 or Rex RG22

Top: N-Kinetic Cold

Kick: Rex N41 with a light cover of N31 or Swix Skin care for your skins!

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