Atomic Pro C2 Skintec

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The days of needing to rub in kick wax are over. Preparing for your day of skiing couldn't be any easier than with the Atomic Pro C2 Skintech. Instead of having a kick pocket where you apply kick wax these skis have a Mohair grip zone that produces excellent kick and glide in all snow conditions and temperatures. If you want a low maintenance ski that is a blast to be gliding on through the winter wonderland, then this is the ski for you.

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Mark Skinner 29-05-2018 22:31

These were my first pair of "skin skis" and they were great. I skied on them for several weeks in January and February and then completed my 20th Birkie on them. Very nice to not mess with waxing all the time!

Linda Schwartz 24-05-2018 19:40

These skis have helped me get out more. I dont have to worry about waxing and can ski in any condition with great kick and glide.

Ryan Bielat 24-05-2018 13:11

I'm a novice skier, but after a few trips renting skis, I decided that I wanted my my own gear. I stopped by Pioneer, and we talked about what I wanted. The staff is great, and I decided on the Atomic Pro C2 Skintec. They were out of my size, but more were on order, and when they came in, Matt picked a pair for me.
By this time, it was late in the season, so I only got to use them a few times, but I have been impressed. They're a huge improvement over rental skis. They glide well, and I get way more kick than a "fish scale" waxless ski. Like I said, I am a novice, but for the price, I think these skis would be very tough to beat.

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