Northstar Northwind 16 StarLite

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The Northstar Northwind 16 is a great canoe if you love doing a little bit of everything. Maybe you love day trips but once a year you do a week long adventure in the BWCA, maybe you are going fishing but will need to navigate some twisting channels and some light rapids, or maybe you usually paddle with a partner but are also looking for a boat that you can paddle solo. The NW 16 does all of this and more so if there is any paddling that comes your way,  you can it.

This NW 16 is built using Nortstar's StarLight construction. The Material is all Aramid. Northstar's proprietary yellow and black weave makes a stunning moiré pattern. Full wet bag minimizes resin and creates the lightest weight canoe available. Foam core, ribs and internal reinforcements make a stiff, efficient hull. The choice of flat-water paddlers everywhere. Exterior resin coated for maximum weight savings.

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