Fast Wax Low Fluoro HSLF-10 Teal 80g

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Excellent wax for cold abrasive snow, overcast conditions and new cold windblown snow. HSLF 10 is considered the standard for ski racing on the Birkie Trail. Also works well for hardening bases under the HSF High Fluoro Waxes. Exceptional when topped with Flite Arctic. HSLF 10 Teal is an engineered blend of several paraffin waxes each selected for a key property to form an exceptional ski wax that works over a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions. This selective blending process combined with our unique environmentally friendly fluoro compound gives Fast Wax skier's an advantage in speed and durability over other products. Designed specifically for ski racing, count on our line of waxes to get you on the podium. Like all Fast Wax products HSLF 10 Teal irons in smooth and scrapes out easily, especially for a cold weather wax.

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