Fast Wax Sport Wax HS-0 White 80g

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HS 0 White is the gold standard for cold weather waxes - feel what it's like to have really greasy fast skis on a nasty cold day. Nicked named "Ridge White" for it's outstanding results from January races at Giants Ridge in northern Minnesota. Excellent wax for cold fine grained powdery snow, and cold windblown snow. Exceptional when topped with Flite Arctic. HS 0 White is an engineered blend of a special production hard wax combined with our specialty micro wax to form an exceptional ski wax that works in extreme conditions. Designed specifically for ski racing, count on our line of waxes to get you on the podium. Like all Fast Wax products HS 0 White irons in exceptionally smooth and scrapes out easily, especially for such an extreme cold weather wax (exceptionally easy application process)

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