Fischer Speedmax Classic Plus 902

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Charlie Brown 29-05-2018 23:12

I chose these skis to review because they are one of my favorites. I have skied on other klister skis before but, until I skied on the Fisher speedmax classic plus 902 I was blown away. A+ skis Matt they were perfect in klister conditions.

Thomas Olenchek 29-05-2018 00:06

These are the best classic skis I've ever owned. Used them during my junior year competing for my high school team (Peak Nordic). The skis are really good in warm conditions and give me the best combination of kick and speed in the double pole that I have ever experienced. These skis worked very well in cold conditions too, even though they are not really designed for that. I still use them in all conditions even though I had a pair of cold skis available too. The cold skis never run as well as these. I love this ski!

5 stars based on 2 reviews