Speedmax Classic Plus

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The Speedmax Classic ski is based on the 902 camber design.  This is the most commonly used Fischer camber profile on the World Cup.  This ski has a high carrying capacity for wax which makes it fast but the kick is easy with the elastic properties of the 902 design.  Finding a great pair of 902 Fischer Classic skis will make you smile with how awesome kick and glide.

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Leila Mostaco-Guidolin 04-06-2018 20:37

Matt always provides an excellent service be it selecting skis, giving advice, delivery, price, conditions. That's the 2nd pair I ask him advice and he has nailed it again! The skis are excellent and exactly what I needed. I really appreciate his honesty when finding something that's going to fit our needs instead of simply selling whatever he finds/has in stock. Thanks, Matt!

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