Twin Skin Pro

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Twin Skin skis feature two offset Mohair strips that provide great kick in tough conditions. We tried this ski a few times last year and it is our favorite price point skin ski. This ski could change how skiers approach classic skiing with ease of use and always secure kick. We have had high coach coaches ask us about moving some of their skiers into a skin ski to reduce time spent dialing in the kick wax and increase the time actually spent skiing. Call or email us for your best fit. We have a large selection in this ski.


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Bill Christianson 25-05-2018 20:09

First of all, staff was great fitting me into my first pair of 'race' skis. When I considered moving from recreational skis with fish scales, to racing skis, I didn't want the hassle of kick wax. Skins are definitely the best thing to come along since sliced bread. I get great kick in most conditions and with adjustable bindings I have the added ability to make small adjustments. Will definitely buy skins again when I upgrade.

Ida Narbuvoll 23-05-2018 22:08

The skis were as good, or even better, for the snow conditions they were used on. I was positively surprised by the twin skin pro and I would highly recommend them to others. They are a great alternative to skis that need more prep and care before using.

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