Hjul Ski Skate Rollerski

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The Hjul Skate Rollerski is designed with a composite laminate shaft that provide excellent vibration dampening properties and a true snow-like feel. Lightweight aluminum forks have a slight drop shaft position for better stability. The wheels are a medium/slow speed that is perfect for simulating snow speed. Hjul = Norwegian for wheel!
Product Specs:
  • Wheel Diameter: 100mm
  • Wheel width: 24mm
  • Wheel Speed: medium/slow 
  • Weight: 1984g / pair with fenders installed
  • Wheelbase: 625mm 
Wyatt Johnson 23-05-2018 20:25

These rollerskis are a great deal. This price includes bindings, which makes them quite a bit less expensive than other brands. I bought these last summer for my 16 year old daughter, who had been on a Nordic Ski team the previous winter. Using these skis regularly during the summer, she improved quite a bit, and enjoyed summer practices with her friends. Her 2017-2018 Nordic Ski season included faster times, which was due to those summer practices!

Lisa Garretson 23-05-2018 18:23

Pretty good quality that's definitely worth it at this price point! They provide a pretty smooth ride and seem to have held up pretty well over a year of moderate use. One small issue I've noticed is that one ski tends to drift/veer a little to the left when I'm going fast down hills and it does this regardless of which foot it's on. Not a critical issue, but something I've had to learn to react to.

Colter Carlstedt 23-05-2018 18:18

Love the skis! I intentionally bought the slow wheels so I would have as much consistency between summer training and winter skiing. I have no gripes whatsoever. Of course there are going to be the fancier skis that you can spend 3k on but these are the most functional and best looking skiis out there. Rep the sports home country and rock the HJUL SKI!

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