Fluor Powder Extreme Silver 30g

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Fluor Powder Extreme Silver is new to the US market for the 2015-16 season! This powder has proven itself at the World Cup level and is now available for everyone! This fluorine race powder is related to the super successful Fluor Powder Extreme. It has the same fluorine base but also has the silver additive that is found in the Cold Silver and Middle Silver race powders. We have been testing this formula here in the US for the last two years and were super impressed with its performance in very dirty and or transformed snow that is either very dry or very wet. (look for snow moisture readings for either below 14% or above 30%. This wax works in all temperatures. A great spring snow wax when a lot of dirt is coming through after periods of melting. We have also had this work well on man-made snow that is old and has a higher moisture content.

Iron temperatrue: 170°C

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