Fluor Powder Middle Silver 30g

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HWK Ski Wax Fluor Powder Middle Silver is a pure fluoro powder that contains a silver additive and is unmatched in transformed snow, old man made snow, dirty snow, mealy snow, mealy snow changing from cold to greasy, and when new snow is mixed in with old spring snow at the 0°C to -8°C range! No one does tricky snow better than HWK! This fluor powder is a must have for top level Nordic teams! (Snow Moisture 20-30%) Relative air humidity mid to high.

Note: The silver additive will show up in your ski base. Do not try to brush all of it out. It will come out during future hot waxing, hot scraping and/or with base cleaner. This may take a few times to complete. Let cool 15 min before brushing.

Ironing temp: 145°C

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