Fluor Stick VP 375 15g

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VP 375 is another new product from HWK to hit the US! (VP stands for "Versuchs Produkt" or Test Product. The VP line is also known as the World Cup Test line.) This stick was a tremendous success at the Sochi Winter games where funky conditions with large granular wet snow was present. Much of this snow was salted and VP 375 was the answer for many teams in Sochi. We at HWK North America have been able to test this new stick with awesome results. This fluorine stick has a great range from +10°C to -6°C and we found it to be great on man made snow that had large granular crystals. It has also worked very well with old natural transformed snow with larger snow granules and the air temp is starting to really warm up. This versatile wax has also run very well in wet snow! A must have for race teams!


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