HFW Nero 50g

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HFW Nero is new this year to the US. It replaces the HFW1 Nero and HFW2 Nero waxes which are being phased out. The HFW Nero has an awesome range of +10°C to -6°C and is designed to perform in many snow types such as old snow, transformed snow, wet old snow, and with large and fine snow crystals. This wax excels in dirty snow! HFW Nero has an iron temperature rating of 120°C and comes in only 50g blocks. This is a great base layer for waxes such as HG Wet, VP 375, VP 128, 50gO5, and Fluorpowder Extreme!

Air Temp: +10°C/-6°C

Humidity: 50-70%

Iron Temp: 120°C

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