Madshus Nanosonic Carbon Classic Intelligrip

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These days everyone is jumping into the skin ski market. Amer sport was the first to introduce "skin" skis in the late 2000s but now everyone is jumping in and Madshus is right at the top with the Nanosonic Carbon Classic Intelligrip. This ski is arguably the best race skin ski option. Built on a true racing ski design and construction. The Nanosonic performs very well in a huge range of conditions. The skin provides great kick and grip but the race ski design keeps the speed high. This was our favorite skin ski that we demoed last year and we ordered heavy to provide the best fit possible for our customers. This ski will change the decision making process when it comes to classic racing at the high school, regional, marathon, and even national level. A safe option would be to come to your classic race with a ski prepared with kicking wax and the Nano Intelligrip. If you cannot dial in the kicking wax, the Nano would provide a great solution with secure grip and very competitive glide. Call or email for your best fit.


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| Dan Leider

Bought these in spring of 2017 and skied them during the 2017-18 snow season. Great ski, and I skied them in this years 2018 Birkie. I had wax skis with me for the Birkie, but the kick was not as good or solid as the Madshus, so I decided to ski t he skins late Friday afternoon. Had a great time skiing the race and wound up 10th in my age group. Overall I would use these skis anytime, but I found that I would do better with a little shorter and lighter ski.

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