Madshus Redline 2.0 Classic Cold

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  • We changed the sidecut making the ski wider under the foot in the kick zone and bringing the wide-point closer to the foot. This creates a straighter sidecut with a less responsive front end.
  • The height profile is redistributed by adding more substance to the very thin tip and tail. This increases the bending radius and provides a smoother transition to the pressure points in the glide zones.
  • Overall, the new construction allows the ski to float higher in soft snow, while maintaining the same easy kick as the previous models.
  • The Redline 2.0 classic skis feature the new Rottefella Move System™ which allows the skier to easily adjust the position of the binding without taking the skis off.
  • Redline 2.0 classic skis are available with two specific cambers for plus and cold conditions, both with the new ultra-fast P300 base.


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