Northstar Magic StarLite

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The longest of Northstar's solo canoes and a little less rockered, the Magic easily tracks straight yet stays maneuverable. This is the canoe to have for solo tripping.

 This canoe is built with the StarLite layup and aluminum trim.

*Canoes will not be shipped and are only available for in-store pick-up

**We list each canoe individually on our website and the images may not reflect the actual layup and trim of the canoe

Length: 16ft
Length/Width Ratio: 7.5
Width: 23 Gunwale/29 Max/25.5 Waterline
Sheer: 17.5 Bow/12.5 Center/15 Stern
Rocker: 1.5 Bow/.75 Stern
Weight: ~28 lbs
6" Freeboard: 650 lbs
Optimal Load: 160-280 lbs
Displacement: 2" WL: 150 lbs; 3" WL: 240 lbs; 4" WL: 340 lbs
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