Pioneer Midwest Buff

The humble buff is the most versatile piece of XC clothing and every skier should own at least one (and probably need at least 5 in their clothing rotation), this multi functional bandanna trademarked named the “Buff” is a clothing must. Our Staff members usually have 4 or 5 of these kicking around the bottom of their day pack at any given time. Here is a list of potential uses

  1. Neck warmer: Cold day get my airways tight so I use a buff around my neck and pull it up around my mouth during warm-up and racing if it is very cold. For bitterly cold days, I will wear two of these around my neck.
  2. Headband: Flip the buff in half and you have a headband. This usage has served me very well in a pinch on warm race days and keeps sweat out of the eyes.
  3. Hat: Twist then flip. Forget your hat, not a problem if you have a buff. Make a hat.
  4. Facemask: In extreme cold conditions (we get this in MN at times) I have cut small eye holes in a buff and worn it as a full facemask. At $5, you can afford a few of these for sacrificial modification for the sake of saving your facial skin.
  5. Wind Protection: Forget your wind briefs, this little piece of material offers just enough “stopping power” if you fold it into a doubled over triangle and position it in the nether region.
  6. Scrunchie: For gals and dudes with long hair, the buff works great to contain your ponytail.
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