How To Prepare Your Skis

So, you just got a new pair of skis or maybe the  winter weather has inspired you to pull out the skis that have been sitting in your closet/basement/garage. First things first: before you hit the trails you should take a little time to prepare your skis, clean that storage wax off and get your rocket boards ready for snow and good times ahead this winter.  

When beginning the ski season it is important to start off right. Here are the steps you should take.

  1. Your priority is to first, scrape off your storage wax and brush the ski well with brass
      Ski Waxing  
    or copper brush.  You could also use a fine steel brush if that is available to you.  
  2. Next, saturate the bases with a quality base wax.  I have two preferred methods to the madness:
    1. Use Start Basewax - This is my favorite base wax on the market! Here is a great video
    2. Use a mixture of Rex Blue & Rex Base oil. I’m new to this technique, but I’ve tried it a couple times and I think it achieves the goal of saturating the skis.  Bonus:  It involves Rex Blue, this is by far my favorite hydrocarbon paraffin blue wax.   
    3. You can also substitute for any softer wax that penetrates the base material.  If for any reason during the process
  3. If it seems like the ski is not taking in the wax, you may want to think about having your skis stoneground.  Over time, your ski base material can become sealed and may need stone grinding to peel off the micromillimeters of ski base material to expose fresh base.
  4. Harden you ski bases. This is especially important if you’re a part of the Midwest crowd that is skiing a large part of their ski season on man-made snow conditions.  Man-made snow is exceptionally sharp and pulls the wax out of the ski base quicker than natural snow. 
    1. My favorite green, or hard, waxes are Start SG10, Swix LF4, and Rex Green
        Green Waxes  
      Glider.  Green waxes have a higher polymerand microcrystalline content than warmer waxes, this is what creates the hardening of the base.  By applying a layer of a hard green wax, you’ll make your bases more durable and resistant to the sharp snow crystals of man-made snow.
      1. A tip with green glide wax: More brushing with a nylon brush = faster skis!
  5. At this point your skis are ready at a minimal level.  If it’s cold or you’re on man-made snow, you’re ready to go.  If it’s warmer, go ahead and add whatever glide wax will work best for the conditions you will be skiing in.

Of course, If you are busy or don’t want to mess around with wax, then we are happy to prepare your skis for you. We can stone grind, hot box, harden and give your skis a hot wax treatment so they will be ready and nice and fast when you hit the trails.