Warm Weather Skis

Ski Fast On Wet Snow With Clear/Gray/Red/White Base Skis.

The past few winters in Minnesota have been fickle and warm meaning that most of us have spent our precious winter months skiing on warm watery man made snow (We are very thankful we get to ski!).

How do you ski fast on wet snow? The answer is simple. Look for a good pair of clear/gray/red/white base skis. We call these skis a multitude of different names many referring the the lighter color of the ski base.

Different skis preform better or words in different conditions. A cold snow ski isn't going to be fast on warm watery ski, so if you are looking to glide around in warm weather conditions, or conditions where the snow is very watery you will need a ski made for those conditions.


We have a few different options at Pioneer Midwest that will do the trick. This past week we were able to catch up with our own Matt Liebsch at Elm Creek to highlight some of his top picks: Salomon S-Lab Skate and Classic skis with a gray base, or also known as their red model skis.

Watch the video to learn more and/or stop by the shop and we will hook you up with a sweet pair of skis made to glide over watery snow.