Products You Need To Dominate At World Masters


Matt Liebsch

World Masters  Must Have Ski Products



$25 range

Pioneer Midwest Buff: $5

The most versatile piece of XC clothing a skier should own, the multifunctional bandana trademarked named the “Buff” is a clothing must. I usually have 4 or 5 of these kicking around the bottom of my day pack and here is my list of potential uses

  1. Neck warmer: Cold day get my airways tight so I use a buff around my neck and pull it up around my mouth during warm-up and racing if it is very cold. For bitterly cold days, I will wear two of these around my neck.
  2. Headband: Flip the buff in half and you have a headband. This usage has served me very well in a pinch on warm race days and keeps sweat out of the eyes.
  3. Hat: Twist then flip. Forget your hat, not a problem if you have a buff. Make a hat.
  4. Facemask: In extreme cold conditions (we get this in MN at times) I have cut small eye holes in a buff and worn it as a full facemask. At $5, you can afford a few of these for sacrificial modification for the sake of saving your facial skin.
  5. Wind Protection: Forget your wind briefs, this little piece of material offers just enough “stopping power” if you fold it into a doubled over triangle and position it in the nether region.
  6. Scrunchie: For gals and dudes with long hair, the buff works great to contain your ponytail.


$25-$100 range

Rex Hydrex: $85

Whenever I have great success classic skiing at Wirth Park it seems to involve me using Rex Hydrex.  

This is a gliding wax used to cover kicking waxes. If you are on Klister it generally speeds things up without sacrificing kick but make sure to always test it on your warm-up skis before shot-gunning it. It works awesome as a treatment for skin skis or zero skis.  Also, in warm temps it can be used on the gliding zones as well and I know for a fact it has seen high level success at the World Cup both as a covering wax for kick and as a glide top coat.


$100-300 range

Swix Triac 2.5: $299


Want a top level pole without having to spend $500? This is your ticket. We have a lot of Triac 2.5 poles on closeout and it is the same shaft as the new $500 Triac 3.0. The difference is the strap and if you are keen on watching a lot of World Cup racing you may have noticed many of the best skiers in the world were using the 2.5 pole even after the 3.0 was released. Why? Well the traditional strap/grip with some real-estate to rest your thumb is very nice at a cost of only a few grams. Plus we think the graphics on the 2.5 are betterJ


$300+ range

Race Skin Skis:

Panic waxing, no more. Yes, a perfectly waxed classic ski with the perfect application will out perform a no-wax ski most of the time. But how often does that happen?! Even Norway screws up the kick wax- look what happened at Ruka this year. Klaebo won the men’s World Cup distance classic race on no-wax skis. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a backup race classic ski for when you or your wax tech miss the kick wax and you have no kick or too much kick and you start panic-mode 15 minutes before your race start? Think about how great it could be if you have a rocket fast skin ski with bomber kick, covered in Rex Hydrex waiting in case of panic. We stock every major brand of racing skins, just drop us a line if you want to order some anti-panic skis. Check out our Ski Request services.

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