2021 Birkie Wax Recommendations


We will be analyzing the snow conditions and testing products on the Birkie course starting the week of February 22nd. We will update these waxing recommendations as the forecast develops and changes over the coming week. This year, with racing and wave, starts split more than ever, some days may change quicker than others, especially with the looped course. With new waxing guidelines, we have received a lot of questions about new fluoro-free waxes. All of our picks below are completely fluoro-free and still rocket fast. In general, our waxing procedure is built behind an idea of optimizing durability and dirt repellency over the course of 43K or 26K.


Ski Prep

Working with a clean ski and clean structure is an extremely important part of the waxing process. By using a glide cleaner, you will drastically improve the durability of your wax.

Cleaner: Rex Glide Cleaner UHW - Apply by coating the entire ski, let the cleaner dry onto the ski base. After the cleaner dries you can brush the remaining paraffin and dirt out of your structure.


Thursday - Skate

Air Temp: 8am: 20° 10am: 24° 12pm: 29°

Base: Rex G21 Graphite

Mid: Rex RG22 or Swix Pro HS6

Top: Start RG Ultra Gel Finisher Blue 


Friday - Classic

Air Temp: 8am: 23° 10am: 29° 12pm: 35°

Base: Rex G41

Mid: Start RG Ultra Blue or Swix Pro Marathon

Top: Start RG Ultra Gel Finisher Purple

Kick: Rex N11 with a light cover of Rex N21 or Swix Skin care for your skins!


Saturday - Skate

Air Temp: 8am: 28° 10am: 32° 12pm: 36°

Base: Rex G41

Mid: Rex RG12 or Swix Pro Marathon

Top: Start RG Ultra Gel Finisher Purple or N-Kinetic Warm


Sunday - Classic

Air Temp: 8am: 13° 10am: 17° 12pm: 21°

Base: Rex G41

Mid: Swix Pro HS5 or Rex RG22

Top: N-Kinetic Cold

Kick: Rex N41 with a light cover of N31 or Swix Skin care for your skins!


We recommend letting liquid glide waxes sit overnight or longer than 20 minutes if possible, we have seen an increase in durability by applying with this process.


Specific Waxing Questions can be directed to [email protected]