Seeley Classic 2018 Wax Recommendations

Weather and Wax Outlook


Weather Outlook:

Saturday Morning Low of -2F and a high of 11F.  Cloudy. Chance of flurries.  This forecast always has the potential to change.  Keep your eyes on the forecast, and we’ll update recommendations accordingly.

Glide Wax

Baselayer: Start Basewax Low Fluor

This is our favorite base layer for racing.  It provides great base layer prep for the high fluoro glider and the fluor powders.

Glide Option 1: Start MF10.  Apply a generous coat of Start MF10.  The key to success with this wax is to brush it.  My preferred method for brushing after scraping is as follows:

  1. Rotobrush with nylon or horsehair from tip to tail and then back to the tip of the ski.
  2. Hand brush with a brass or copper brush, for 5 or 6 passes on the ski base.
  3. Brush the ski base with a stiff nylon brush.  
  4. When you think you’ve brushed the base enough, set the skis down and comeback 15 minutes later and brush more.
  5. Brush the skis more.
  6. Did I mention, to brush the skis again?
  7. Brushing Green paraffin wax makes your skis faster.  

Glide Option 2: Toko HF Blue + Toko X-Cold Powder (could substitute Swix LF3 Cold Powder for Toko Cold Powder)  

Toko HF Blue and racing on the Birkie Trail go together like peas and carrots.  It does well in the cold lake effect snow from Lake Superior.  

Fluor Top Coats:  

For all fluor powders, I highly recommend ironing in the powder, followed by brushing with a fluoro brush (soft nylon like the Swix Cera brush that is blue).  Leave loose fluoros on the ski base, don’t brush off completely.  Run a roto fleece down the length of the ski twice to adhere the remaining loose fluoros.  

Fluoro Powders

Fluoro Powder Option 1: Start SFR75 Powder

Fluoro Powder Option 2: Toko Jetstream 2.0 Blue Powder

Fluoro Powder Option 3: Rex 63 Powder or Rex TK-820

  • These powders are all safe options for the Seeley Hills Classic.  They have a long history of winning races on the Birkie Trail.

Fluoro Blocks

Fluoro Block 1: Toko Jetstream 2.0 Blue Block

Fluoro Block 2: Rex TK-72

  • Crayon on block as your final coat on the ski base.  Use a hand cork or roto cork to rub in the fluoro into the base material.  

Kick Wax

Binder: Start Base Wax ironed into the hard wax pocket.  

Kick Wax Layer: A green kick layer is going to be key.  Solid Options include: Start Green Synthetic, Rode Green, or Swix V20.  My personal favorite for these conditions is Rode Green.

Kick Wax Top Coat:

  • If the snow is well groomed: Rode Green Special, Start Black Synthetic, Rex Mäntyranta (old wax, not available anymore), Rex Progrip, and Guru Green. Personal favorites are Rode Green Special and Guru Green.
  • If snow has fallen the night before or there is snow during the race:

Start Terva Black or Start Terva Green.  Go with black for slightly faster skis, go with green if you want slightly better climbing skis.


If you don’t want to stress about waxes, then let us prep your skis for you. We hope you can tell that we love waxing skis, making wax strategies, and above all making skis fast so that people . Go to your race stress free and let us be your wax techs! The most important thing is to have fun!

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