#weatherdad 1/5/18

The cold spell is ending!!!

Our long cold spell is about to end this weekend, and it is now looking like it will be a while before any return to weather as cold as the last couple of weeks.  Good news for those that want to get outdoors more.

While tomorrow may barely get to double digits for high temperature, it is looking like upper 20s and maybe even some low 30s for Sunday through next Wednesday.  We could see some flurries or scattered snow showers tomorrow evening or overnight, but that should be the only precipitation until next Wednesday evening.  A storm system with a potential for several inches of snow is currently expected to affect us late Wednesday through Thursday before a slight push of colder air late next week.  But it is not expected to be as cold as we have now.  I’m getting tired of invisible ice on the roads.

Longer range, the GFS model is keeping our metro-area high temperatures for most of the next 2 weeks closer to 32F than to zero, which is a good thing.  Today and tomorrow, and late next week being the exception.  Perhaps we can even get January average temperatures to end up “average” after our very cold start. 

FYI, December in the Twin Cities ended up just slightly below average in temperature, after being well above to start the month, and well below to end the month.  I seem to recall in early to mid-December one of my fellow weather-guessers citing a NOAA forecast calling for the month to average 10 degrees above normal for us.  Longer range weather and climate forecasting is still a very uncertain business!