#weatherdad 12/27/17

Weather Update from our own #weatherdad. It is going to get colder.


A few minutes ago as of 3:55pm on Wednesday 12/27, the Twin Cities NWS made this statement as part of their forecast discussion:


“Depending upon the amount of sky cover and wind speeds, Saturday/Sunday mornings could easily drop to -20F or colder for most of Minnesota, with

-30F in central Minnesota where snow cover is deeper.”


We should have 1-3 inches of fresh snow cover over most of the area, so it will likely be colder at night than the last couple days, especially if winds are light.  Based on today’s GFS model run, it does not look to me like winds will let up enough to get as cold as the NWS indicates is possible on Saturday or Sunday, but if winds speeds do stay up it will feel colder due to wind chill.  So either way, be prepared if you need to travel far this weekend.