#Weatherdad: Check Out Our Latest Critical Weather Report

Pioneer Midwest's #Weatherdad has been hard at work and we have a great April Forecast to share with you. If you didn't get out on your skis as much as you wanted over this winter, don't worry you will get plenty of chances over the next two weeks.

For the Twin Cities, April still has a good shot at being the snowiest month of this winter – or spring – or “sprinter?”  The MSP airport is at 9 inches so far, and will likely have at least two more accumulating snowfalls in the next week.

If you felt a wee bit chilly this morning, that was due in part to below zero wind chills for most of Minnesota including the Twin Cities.  With a noon temperature of 20F, the wind chill has risen to +2F!  The NWS is predicting a high today of 25F at the airport.  If that happens, it would break the record for the lowest high temperature on this date of 26F in 1939.  Yesterday morning St. Cloud and Eau Claire each crushed their low temperature records by several degrees, although the Twin Cities did not set a record low, perhaps in part due to the urban heat island effect. 

The models are still painting another swath of snow across the area, staring around mid-day Sunday for the metro, and ending as some very light snow around mid-day Monday.  So beware of the Monday AM commute once again.

Snow amounts don’t look too impressive for the metro, with perhaps 3-5 inches (most southwest, least northeast), but some 6-inch plus amounts are possible in places like Mankato and Marshall.  See the graphic below for the GFS model liquid equivalent forecast for the Sunday/Monday system.   

Remember the 40s?  Those should be back by next Wednesday, with 50s possible next Thursday ahead of a very strong low pressure that may pull in enough warm air to get us close to 60F early next Friday, before the colder side of the storm changes our rain/storms over to snow Friday night, with an inch or 3 possible here through next Saturday AM.  Parts of the Dakotas could see blizzard conditions with that system.

The longer range still looks stormy, but with less potential for snow, and mainly rain showers for southern MN.  Not real warm for this time of year, but at least more like spring.

#Weatherdad April 6th Forecast