#Weatherday 12/21/17

The light snow happening now is due to a warm front moving northeast.  The snow should end in most of the metro in the next 1-2 hours, leaving little or nothing for accumulation in the SW metro, and maybe an inch in the far north/NE metro.

We could get some flurries overnight and then possibly another brief burst of a coating during mid-morning tomorrow, as the colder air pushes through.

No large storms are forecast for our area in the foreseeable future, but a few more light accumulations from clipper-type systems are possible.  However, the model has not been very good beyond 3-4 days of late, so no guarantees that we won’t have a surprise significant snowfall in the extended period.


The really cold air will probably stay just to our north and northeast through Christmas, but by the 29th, the model implies temperatures may not get above zero statewide for a daytime high.  So it should get seriously cold, but certainly not record-breaking.  The forecasted pattern is looking fairly similar to the “polar vortex” winter of 4 winters ago.