Rex Rex Glide and Clean Kit

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This kit has everything you need to start liquid waxing and provide regular maintenance for your skis. The Rex Glide and Clean Kit contains the following:

Rex Glide Cleaner (170ml): Used to remove particulate matter from ski bases, as dirt build-up is one of the major factors in slowing skis down. It also has a liquid paraffin wax that saturates bases to give best preparation for glide application, and keep bases for drying out.

Rex G21 Racing Liquid Glider (60ml): Glide wax for universal midwest snow conditions.

Rex Nylon Brush: Used to brush out ski bases after glide wax has dried (~30min.)

Liquid waxes eliminate the need for expensive waxing equipment, and negate the risk of damaging your bases while applying iron-in hard waxes. Grab a Rex Glide and Clean Kit to expand your waxing arsenal, and ensure the best care for your skis.

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