Rossignol X-ium Classic WCS C2

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The C2 is the go-to race classic ski if you can only have one pair. The tip and tail have a lot more splay, the resting camber is higher and the C2 ski has a huge usable range. The great thing about Rossignol and their production technique is the super long wheelbase. In classic skis, that means a very long wax pocket which is really advantageous in shearing snow conditions… conditions when your wax is gripping the snow, but that snow is not “tacking” to the snow underneath it. Rossignol wins in these conditions come from having an extremely long pocket. Another bonus from that long wax pocket is in good kicking conditions, you can shorten the wax zone and voila, you have skate ski like glide and great kick = winning.

Weight: 1000g/pair (198cm)
Material: Nomex Honeycomb
Base: K7000
Sidecut: 44/44/44
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