Rossignol X-ium Skating Premium S2

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The Premium S2 is the universal skate solution. More splay and a universal base make this ski extremely versatile. Due to camber variations, I can pick pairs that handle cold snow all the way up into the mid 30s and warmer. A quick word about the “premium” tag: die-hard Rossignol fans know that their race skis come from 2 places, Spain and France. The Spanish skis are considered “production” skis and the French stock are considered “race” or World Cup level skis. The French skis are christened in champagne so they cost twice as much and are twice as fast, no… In reality, there was a large gap between the French stock and the Spanish stock a few years ago. With the introduction the Premium skis, that gap is no longer quantifiable. The best characteristics of the French skis: longer contact zones and lower resting cambers are now assimilated into the Spanish made Premium skis. The introduction of the Premium line of skate skis was a big step forward and now the consumer has access to the same level skis as the World Cup athlete. That said, the skis are still made from pressing wood (each piece of wood I’ve seen is unique unto itself) into shape using heat and pressure, so having a pair selected for fit and quality is extremely important.

Weight: 1110g/pair (187cm)
Material: Nomex Honeycomb
Base: K7000
Sidecut: 40/44/43/43
Margaret Waechter 26-05-2018 23:19

an excellent ski. turned well, floated well over snow. stable, speedy and fun. I skated more this winter than in 6 years because of those skis. i wish I could of tried a skate race again but I work too much in winter to get away. I never thought you could get me away from my precious classic skiing but those boards did it. I hated the probinding that came with them that you turn. I had a hell of a time getting into and out of the binding quickly and other people said the bindings would pop off while skiing. I did not have that issue. I could not GET them off at times. I want the old bindings back! Will certainly buy from you again. service was excellent.

Bill Nurge 25-05-2018 20:09

These skis were stiff and proved to be great in soft snow conditions like West Yellowstone and the Boulder Mtn Tour. Matt put a pretty fine grind on them for Masters World Cup MN which proved to be very good in new snow or icy conditions although I found them to be highly unstable on hard pack slick conditions like Theo Wirth. But these skis were awesome in soft new snow of any depth.

5 stars based on 2 reviews