Rossignol X-ium Skating Premium S3

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The S3 “white” base ski, I believe, took more than a few podium positions at the 2016 Birkie in very warm and dirty conditions. The S3 base is designed for wet, wet dirty, artificial and frozen artificial snow. It is one of the most versatile wet snow ski bases on the market and is most certainly in every Rossi sponsored athlete’s quiver. The S3 has shorter contact zones to break suctions so you skis don’t figuratively and literally “suck.” Having a hand picked pair is important to get the splay just right so the range on the ski can be at its largest. S3’s with limited splay are rockets on frozen artificial snow and S3’s with massive splay are amazing “water” skis but finding a balanced pair allows a huge range of utility spanning across both of those conditions.

Weight: 1110g/pair (187cm)
Material: Nomex Honeycomb
Base: K9001 White
Sidecut: 40/44/43/43
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