Rossignol X-ium Skating WCS S2

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The standard World Cup Rossignol skate ski is ideal for skiers needing a little stability in their life, allowing them to stand easily on their skate skis. This is a very traditional Rossignol skate skiā€¦ long wheelbase, higher resting camber, lots of energy. I have fit many skiers on WCS skate skis and it has changed their outlook on skate skiing. The ease of edging and finding the ski underneath you is unparalleled compared to all other brands. If you ever ski on artificial snow after the local high school teams in the evenings, you know it can feel like Bambi on ice. The WCS gives you the ultimate control and if you find a well picked pair, the glide zone pressure is low enough to provide good performance across a huge range of snow conditions.

Weight: 1100g/pair (186cm)
Material: Nomex Honeycomb
Base: K7000
Sidecut: 40/44/43/43
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