Carbon Skate Lab Red

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The Salomon Carbon Lab Red ski is specifically the "Wetter" version of standard black base ski. The Red has a "grey" base which not only excels in wet conditions but also in high humidity, even in cold snow. From talking to athletes and techs on the World Cup, the new grey base from Salomon is one of the best if not the best wet snow bases on the market. Matti Heikkinen and Maurice Manificat had great results at Ski Tour Canada in extremely wet conditions which turned a lot of heads on the World Cup.

Salomon has been pushing the envelope in the race market over the past few years with new technology and innovation. World Cups stars are moving to the company with increased frequency upon the release of their new products including the carbon skis and boots. The Carbon Skate Lab ski is one of the most versatile skate skis on the market. Every pair has a unique flex profile designed to climb easily but retains stable in cornering and icy conditions all based on the torsional stiffness provided by the carbon wrap design. These skis are so light under foot you feel like you are floating uphill when climbing. The Carbon Skate Lab is a fast and stable ski that retains Salomons natural performance in soft snow...think Birkie after a snowstorm or post elite wave mush.

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