Salomon Equipe RC Skin

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Salomon Equipe RC Skin Ski is the workhorse of classic skis. It kicks, you can use it in all conditions and the ski just works.

Technical Features:

Grip technology SkinGrip+
Ski Construction Propulsion ski construction
D2FC - Digital Dynamic Flex Control
Core D-Carbon
Base G5 Zeolit Universal base
Protective foil
Base tuning World Cup Grinding
DGM - Digital Grinding Measurement
Sidecut: 44/44/44
Weight: 1300g

Dan Fundingsland 12-06-2018 00:15

Matt did a good job of fitting me, can't wait till next season when I can try the skis out!

Earl Hetrick 23-05-2018 23:10

Adam took time to make sure the skis fit me, what snow and meet my style. keep up the good work.

David Paulson 23-05-2018 22:22

Over the past few decades, I have had a number of iterations of ski skins. In fact, I have a pair of Fisher's first effort at a fabric based kick zone. Most of these skis have been marginally adequate within a five to six degree range, between 28 degrees F and 33 degrees F. If the skis were not properly prepared with a silicone gel, such as Serajevo Juice, the skis iced up quickly and they were always dreadfully slower than a well waxed ski.
Late this spring, I bought a pair of Solomon Equipe RC Skins. I used them during our extended season, finding remarkable performance. Admittedly, I was not racing, but I felt that I had good glide, with monster kick. The first time I used them, I did not treat the skins in any way, and within an hour and a half, as the temperatures dropped, the skins began to ice up. After that, I tested several different products, including WD-40, which I found to be an excellent dirt repellant and a fine anti-icer. I was not happy with the cost of the various silicone concoctions. Some of those products are actually more expensive than the waxes I would have used on a waxable ski. But, to make this simple, the performance of the skis was great. I am eager to try them at colder temperatures next winter. If the rating would have included decimals, I might have rated the skis 4.5

Peter Tomko 23-05-2018 22:08

I have really enjoyed the performance quality and reliability of the skis! No slipping when pushing off and no messing with wax!

Dan Smith 21-05-2018 18:46

The ski works exactly as it should.

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