Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Red

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“I’m all bout that bass, bout that bass, no treble…” Oh wait, that’s bass and I mean base. Red base, clear base, grey base… whatever you have heard it referred to as… it all is the same Amer sports wet/warm/humid base material. This is very likely the most universal wet snow base material in the industry. A few years ago on that same Haig glacier trip that I had the great pleasure of crossing paths with Scott Perras, I had in my bag an early production pair of Carbon Skate Red skis. Scott filled me with jealously as he talked about his Carbon Blue prototype skis but I had the Carbon Red skis with me. It was by far the fastest ski in wet snow once things started melting down around 10:30 each morning. I let Scott “demo” that pair for a few laps and I didn’t get it back from him until days later. Salomon has had some unbelievable days on the World Cup with their Red base skis. Jessie Diggins, Matti Heikkinen, Maurice Manificat, Alex Harvey have all had days when they have had a distinct advantage with these skis. I am specifically thinking about the 2016 Tour de Canada during the Canmore stages in the 50F+ weather when Heikkinen won the 15km skate, 2nd in the pursuit time of day and 3rd in the 30km skiathlon. His skis were ridiculously fast compared to Sundby and Ustiugov. Matti is a super fit guy but I know skis made a huge difference those days. The one caution with these Red skis is that they need to have a camber profile that matches the conditions. In last years Red skis and some of this years Red skis the camber profile did not match the wet/warm profile. That is OK sometimes because the Red base can be unbelievably fast in frozen corn or artificial snow all the way down to 0F. But if you want the best universal wet snow ski your money can buy, I would make sure you have someone knowledgeable pick these Red skis for you. At Pioneer, we have had too much experience with man-made snow and wetness over the last few years and we are very familiar with picking and preparing these skis. Wax-wise, I could write many more pages about Red bases and preparation. If you are thinking about racing World Masters this year at Wirth Park, a Salomon Red base ski might not be a bad idea to have in the bag.

Weight: 980g/pair (192cm)
Material: Nomex
Base: G5 Grey Base
Sidecut: 44/43/44
Tyler Olson 26-05-2018 02:48

These are one of the fastest skis in my arsenal. Used them to ski a top 4 finish at Masters World Cup. Great for all the man made snow we have in the twin cities too.

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