Salomon S/Lab Carbon Skate Yellow

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This is the Carbon Skate Lab from last year. In Salomon lingo, blue is cold and yellow is universal. A few years ago I didn’t win the argument with a bunch of Salomon people that green is cold, universal is blue/violet/red and wet/warm is yellow but again, I am an engineer and not a marketing person. This year’s Yellow/Uni skis are looking great. They are more refined compared to last year’s production. Last year I saw some camber confusion and skis with the bridge too far forward and aggressive front end pressure along with tail pressure that did not match well within pairs. This year all of that seems much tighter and more controlled. Bridge position was appropriate for a universal ski and I was able to find carbon yellow skis that leaned both to the warmer and to the colder side of things. Also, the base material on these skis can take wax very well to be hard enough for green conditions. Disclaimer: I am a Salomon sponsored and my bag is full of Yellow Carbon Lab skate skis that each work in a vast array of conditions. Two years ago I was 2nd place by 5 seconds to my training partner and best friend, Brian Gregg, on a pair of now Yellow Carbon skis with race temps of 0F at the season opening SuperTour at West Yellowstone.  Additional, Salomon is now offering this ski in 177cm length and some of my shorter/lighter customers are super excited about that!

Weight: 980g/pair (192cm)
Material: Nomex
Base: G5 Universal Base
Sidecut: 44/43/44
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