Salomon S/Race Skin

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This ski has won over Jessie Diggins and if it is good enough for Jessie it’s good enough for us. I was able to test 3 pairs of these on the Haig glacier this summer and while I preferred my S/Lab Classic Red skis with a beautiful klister mix… these were just easy: no prep time at all. I am a firm believe that classic skiing and learning to classic ski will make you a better skate skier. A large percentage of my customers only skate ski and if they classic skied a few times a week; it would help their balance and let those skate muscles recover a bit. Another interesting development in skin skis is that now over ¼ of the Norwegian Birkie skiers are using skins for the race. There is a huge development in skin ski technology and the argument has been made that skin skis are saving the sport especially the traditional classic technique by avoiding the hurdle of kick waxing. We have skin skis at all price points, the S/Race is the version you want if you plan to ever race on a skin ski or potentially race on a skin ski if the waxing becomes a nightmare scenario… or if you just like a great performing ski.

Weight: 1040g/pair (201cm)
Material: Nomex
Base: G5 Universal Base
Sidecut: 44/44/44
| Gerald Kollodge

Matt chose the ideal ski for me; I had no interest in dealing with kick wax and the skins are a grab and go with no sticky mess. The kick is great; i'm find myself climbing hills with little effort and passing skaters who are working hard. The glide is as good as anything else out there. I've seen reviews with people commenting on the skins icing up in certain conditions but, it's never happened to me. I originally started classic skiing just as cross training for skating but, the skins are so easy to use that i find myself using the skins more than my skate skis.

| Jason Napp

I'm a long time skater, but I've never owned a pair of classic skis. Matt convinced me that the Salomon S/Race Skin would be a hassle-free way for me to get my feet wet with striding. I found myself grabbing my skin skis over my skate skis very often. Especially in the spring with the fluctuating temps and snow conditions. I figured the kick would be good with these skin skis(and it IS), but I always assumed the glide would be poor with skin skis. That wasn't the case, I found myself out gliding a lot of skaters on downhills! I'm very impressed with these skis, I only wish I would have picked up a pair sooner.

| Ken Newhouse

Best skin ski I have tried. Super accessible kick but glides well. Needs to be fitted a bit stiff, like most skin skis. I put an NIS plate on them so fore aft binding adjustments can be made for different conditions.

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