Pioneer Midwest Seeley Hills Classic

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Leave the waxing kit at home and forget about the nervous worrying over snow conditions. Let us prepare your skis for the Seeley Hills Classic Ski Race. We want to be your race ski technicians. All you need to do is drop your skis off and we will prepare them for your race. This means we will worry about the weather and snow conditions and you can relax and focus on preparing for your race.

We Are Offering Three Waxing Services

  • HF only - $45/ski
  • Full Race Waxing for 1 Pair of Skis - $85
  • Full Race Waxing for 2 Pairs of Skis - $130

Choose the waxing service you want for which ski type and event date and we will prepare the skis.


Ski drop off: 8:00pm on Wednesday, January 15th at Pioneer Midwest.

Ski Pick Up: No later than 7:00pm on Friday, January 17th at Pioneer Midwest.

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