Ski Analysis

Matt Liebsch has helped all types of skiers from novice to professional skiers who race internationally on the world cup circuit. He wants to help you have the best pair or quiver of skis for you.

The term "Ski Analysis" sounds a little technical and maybe even like a premium service that you don't need if you don't race. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Having a pair of skis that fits you and knowing how your skis are designed to preform is important for everyone regardless of the number of pairs you might own or if you race or not because you will enjoy skiing more, be more confident, ski faster and have more all round fun if your skis fit. 

If you are only going to own one pair of skis, then make sure it is the best pair for you. If you have a quiver of skis, then make sure that you know which conditions those skis will preform well in and vice versa.

Sign up today and Matt Liebsch will be in contact with you to schedule a time for the analysis. The consultation is free.

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