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Having skis picked for you is essential to getting a fast pair of skis because this method is the best way to ensure the stiffness and camber characteristics of any given pair of skis will perform for you. We are committed to finding you the best ski to suit your needs. Please fill out the form below to initiate a discussion about your ski needs. During the summer, Matt Liebsch will hand select the perfect pair of skis for you while traveling to various warehouses/factories around the country and world. Ski request forms can also be submitted anytime of year to initiate a conversation about finding an in-stock pair of skis from our large inventory.

Submitting a form does not commit you to a purchase. We require no down payment on selected skis.

Matt has picked skis for a number of athletes ranging from beginners all the way to elite skiers including the CXC Team, Team Gregg, National Biathlon members, Sun Valley Elite and many more. A unique blend of his education as an engineer, time spent racing at the top level and love of the sport have given him an aptitude for picking great skis.  

Pioneer Midwest carries a full line of racing skis from Rossignol, Salomon, Fischer, Madshus and Atomic and we hand pick them all.


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