Wax Service

  • Basic glide - $15 Wax of the day. Cleaning and waxing of the glide. Add $5 for classic ski binder.
  • Race glide - $45 Base layers plus finish race HF wax of the day.
  • Topcoat - $45 The good stuff. Blocks, Powders, and Liquids depending on race conditions and course attributes.
  • Race wax with topcoat - $85 Base layer, race layer, and topcoat. We also have special race day wax services for the races listed below. These are higher volume and more popular races so reserve your spot early.
  • Basic Thermo Box - $20 Save time and energy. Base cleaning, use of a hotbox specific wax (melt point 50ºc) for one cycle in the Tazzari thermo box. Hotboxing is most effective for new and newly stoneground skis.
  • Race Hardening - $25 Gets your base material hard and ready to use with racing waxes and high iron temps. Minimizes the risk of burning new base material and increases out of the box speed for all skis. Highly recommended after stone grinding as well.
  • Advanced Thermo Box - $30 Advanced base cleaning w/short thermo box cycle, 12-hour thermo box cycle with cooling intervals for maximum wax adhesion. This is the most hands-on ski prep that we offer, with a large focus on cleaning and maximizing speed out of your ski structure.
  • Stone grinding - $80 See Stone grinding page for info
  • Storage wax - $10 A thick layer of wax to protect bases over the summer