Skate Grinds:

  • SC0 ~ 10F and colder, cold squeaky snow. Green waxes only
  • HSC1 ~ *Former Development grind. Sits someplace between SC0 and SC2. Cold snow up to 32F. We love this grind.
  • SC1 ~ 5F-25F colder, great universal cold snow. Warmer greens to warmer blues
  • SC2 ~ 10F-40F, Wide range from blue to warmer violets and into reds with hand structure
  • SC3 ~ 28+, great wet snow option. Old snow 28F+ and natural snow 35F+

Classic Grinds:

  • CL1 ~ 20F and colder, all snow types
  • CL2  ~ 10-40F, most universal classic structure
  • CL3 ~ 28F and warmer, klister grind
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