Swix Geared Structure Tool w/ 5 Rollers

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A high-end structure tool developed with geared functionality. The body is made of quality aluminum, anodized for long time use and great durability. The geared functionality allows chevron structure patterns and a longer lasting imprint than the T048P.

The tool comes with 5 rollers to cover typical structure needs throughout the temperature scale. The kit comes in a solid plastic case with foam inside.

Included structure rollers are:
T047G-L02 Linear Structure, 0.2 mm.
T047G-V05 Broken V Structure, 0.5 mm.
T047G-L07505 Linear Structure, 0.75 mm pitch x 0.5 mm depth.
T047G-L1005 Linear Structure, 1.0 mm pitch x 0.5 mm depth.
T047G-L2005 Linear Structure, 2.0 mm pitch x 0.5 mm depth

T047G-V03 Broken V Structure, 0.3 mm
T047G-V075 Broken V Structure, 0.75 mm
T047G-V10 Broken V Structure, 1.0 mm

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