HVC Warm 50ml

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Liquid topping for racing. Very easy to apply with the felt applicator. No brushing is required, so after applicatoin the skis are 100% race ready. For new and old snow. HVC Warm works best in high humidity on the cold side, but on the warm side it performs great in all humidities. It performs best on top of Cera F powder, but can also be used with an HFX or LFX glider with very good result. One bottle is enough for 10-12 pairs of skating skis, or 13-15 pairs of classic skis.

Temp Range: -2°C to 10°C (28°F to 50°F)

Isaac Erhardt 21-08-2018 01:49

I coach high school Nordic skiing and have used this product with great success on a number of occasions. I've had better luck with the warm vs the cold HVC and the warm has really produced some rockets in man made or transformed snow. My first experience with HVC was when I didn't have it. Another coach and I were debating purchasing the product while it was in the glass case at a local store when a competing team's coach came in and bought the product while we were standing there discussing the product. It happened to be the last bottle in the city so we didn't get any. The next day we noticed that team had super fast skis and were able to draft a long time on runouts. When I went by their waxing table, everything was cleaned off of the table except for that one empty bottle of HVC. After that, I try to always have it in the kit for big races.

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