Triac 3.0

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Building on the success of the Triac 2.5, the 3.0 brings a stealthy new graphic to the same shaft as the 2.5 but sheds some weight in other areas. Claiming a 32% overall weight reduction, the Triac 3.0 gets a new grip and strap system that is mainly responsible for the weight savings. The new grip gets a new attachment method for the strap allowing for a large chunk of grip material to be removed compared to the previous design. The strap itself uses a new design as well to shed a little additional weight. Finally, there is a new "pendulum" basket available which replaces the steel tip with aluminum to save just a little bit more weight. It should be noted that the tip of the pole is the most important place to save weight as swing weight is affected most at the tip. While the updates aren't too revolutionary, the weight savings is significant, and the 3.0 remains one of the most popular poles on the World Cup due to it's proven combination of excellent stiffness, low weight, and strength.

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