Swix Triac 2.0

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Swix Triac 1.0 was recognized as the world best and most successful skipole. With the Swix Triac 2.0 Swix has taken CC skipole technology to another level! - Weight reduced with 5%! - Overall stiffness 18% higher! - Tip strength 8% higher! - Same excellent pendulum properties as Triac 1.0. - Super coated straps fabric secure long lasting straps. The Carbon reinforced Carbon Leaf basket from the Swix TBS system secures optimum pendulum and support against the snow surface. In addition the unique patented Triac Basket System offers 3 other different basket options plus roller ski ferrule as a supplement. Basket change is done in a few seconds. The super pole from Swix is based on the most advanced materials available on the market and the unique Swix IPM technology enables the usage of the triangular cross section given the stiffest and strongest shaft construction there is. When only the very best will do, then there can be no compromise.

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